Welcome to the HR-Fusion Employee Surveys Page 

This page is intended for the employees of clients of HR-Fusion Inc. who are participating in an online survey. Access to all surveys are password protected.

If you are interested in implementing an Employee Survey in your Organization please contact us.

Employee Surveys

Please click here to proceed to your organization's Employee Survey.

If you have any questions regarding your Employee Survey, please contact:

Laura Whinton, Human Resources Generalist
HR-Fusion Inc.
Phone: 905.527.2860
Toll Free: 1.866.527.2860
E-mail:  laura@hr-fusion.ca

HR-Fusion Inc. Assurance of Survey Confidentiality

HR-Fusion takes great pride in assuring the confidentiality of individuals participating in its surveys. Confidentiality is achieved through the following means:
  • No names are collected during the survey process.
  • All survey participants complete the same survey.
  • Surveys use SSL encryption (Secure Sockets Layer) to secure the survey and the responses between the survey tool and the survey participant.  The link and survey pages are secured during transmissions between the survey tool and the respondent.  All data is downloaded over a secure channel.  No IP addresses are collected during the survey process.   
  • The employer is not provided with copies of each completed survey nor permitted to see individual survey results.  All data collected online is done so exclusively through the secure survey tool.  Collected data is stored on either the survey tool directly or on the HR-Fusion secure server.  Paper copy submissions are processed by HR-Fusion representatives only.
  • All written comments are reviewed by HR-Fusion representatives for any information which could potentially identify a specific survey participant.  Comments which could potentially identify a specific respondent are edited.  Comments are edited in such a way as to maintain the intent of the participant's input while concealing the participant's identity.   
  • Results are consolidated for the employer as a whole and for entities within the organization (e.g. branches, departments, etc.) for which there are a minimum of five (5) survey participants.  Responses from entities with fewer than five (5) participants are consolidated within the overall organization summary and not reported on separately.  Comments are reported on using the same consolidation protocol. 

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