Mini HR Audit 

Many small to medium size businesses face the overwhelming task of administering their human resources (HR) function with little or no dedicated/trained HR Resources. Often, these duties are spread among several people within the organization. Many long established or big businesses have the HR specific resources ad programs in place but may not have taken the pulse of their HR function for a long while. Regardless of size, resources or number of years in business, you may have non-existent, poor or out-dated HR related functions and programs. An HR effectiveness audit is a diagnostic tool, not a prescriptive instrument. It reveals the strengths and weaknesses in the HR resources system and identifies issues needing resolution. The audit helps evaluate past performance assesses present circumstances and determines future remedial action to keep the “people” mission on target. At HR-Fusion we believe you take care of your people, your people will take care of your business and your bottom-line!

To take a quick pulse of your organizations HR systems please take advantage of our complimentary mini HR Audit.

Please note this audit is for general information purposes only. It is not a prescriptive tool, nor does it constitute professional advice. Your subjective stance may be unintentionally biased and may affect the authenticity of the results of this mini Audit. In your own best interests please answer the questions as honestly and objectively as possible.

To conduct a full HR Audit we recommend engaging an objective 3rd party in order to appropriately measure the effectiveness of your organization’s HR function/systems to limit risk/liability and maximize human potential and productivity.

Feel free to contact HR-Fusion for more information on effective HR Audits.

Rate Your Human Resources (HR) Practices

  Yes No Not Sure or N/A
Recruitment and Selection
Are there standard job descriptions for all jobs?
Are there standard forms for job postings (advertisements), interview process records, candidate evaluation?
Are interview questions restricted to job requirements?
Does the company do reference checks for every new hire?
Compensation & Benefits
Do the practices of assigning, recording and paying overtime meet legislative criteria?
Are employees compensated according to market value and performance?
Is your organization Pay Equity Compliant?
Do your employees think your benefits are fair?
Performance Management
Is there a performance review policy that clearly identifies accountabilities, timing and frequency?
Is there a standard policy for progressive discipline?
Is a corrective action plan included in the manager/employee discussion, and are employees advised of next steps in the discipline process if corrective action is unsuccessful?
Are employees provided with ongoing feedback?
Employee Relations
Do you have an employee handbook?
Is there a clear, well communicated process in place for receiving and addressing employee complaints/issues?
Do your practices consistently adhere to your policies?
Are there discrimination, harassment, diversity, privacy and accommodation policies in place and has the relevant training been completed?
Ending the Employment Relationship
Do policies/practices comply with the Employment Standards Act legislation?
Is there a written policy regarding terminations (i.e. payment, reference requests, resignations)?
Do you know the legal differences between just cause and not for cause terminations?
Are there an HR and/or legal review required prior to any termination?
Health & Safety
Are ministry of labour posters visible and is information posted regarding health and safety and emergency response requirements as per legislation?
Do you have a health and safety representative or a joint health and safety committee?
Are employees trained in first aid? Are their certificates posted?
Is there a plan for emergency evacuation?
Human Resources Planning
Does your HR plan support your business plan?
Are there professional development plans for employees?
Do you have a succession plan in place?
Do you have a contingency plan?

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