Applicant Assessment With Prevue - Why It's Priceless

By Doris Lowell

Peter Drucker the noted management consultant said, "Chances are good that up to 66% of your companies hiring decisions will prove to be mistakes in the first 12 months." And when you consider the potential cost of a mis-hire can be as much as three-times the persons salary you really shouldn't be gambling on gut-instincts and decisions you made in the first five minutes of the interview.

If a typical new hire salary is $40,000 then you are risking $120,000 if you don't take steps to improve the hiring process within your company. The simplest way to do this is to first ensure you use an accredited and reputable recruitment and talent management company. The second way to reduce the risk is to ensure the firm uses scientifically proven applicant assessments.

A common myth is that applicant's can 'game' or outsmart the assessments. A properly constructive assessment makes “faking it” highly unlikely.  To ensure validity and reliability, the applicant's responses are calibrated throughout the process by specially designed multi-dimensional questions developed specifically by highly trained industrial and occupational psychologists.

Prevue Applicant Assessment

Prevue  is a valid, reliable, objective and integrated assessment designed for business environments. With Prevue's integrate assessments tools you can measure applicant's capacity to learn, and the applicant's speed of learning. You can determine what motivates the applicant and what their interests truly are. The Prevue system also assesses applicant personality and behaviours.

Prevue  generates five different reports making applicant review and selection a breeze. The 'Selection Report' is designed to assist with selection, hiring and promotion decisions. This system can be used at various times within the employee HR life cycle - not just at the hire point. The Selection Report provides an objective "snapshot" of the individual.

Prevue Assessment Benefits

Recruiting is inherently a human endeavour, however what with the risks of financial loss, the litigious nature of business world, and the overall time it takes to hire and train good people, it makes very good business sense to use a recruitment company that uses the best tools available.

Companies that use Prevue to augment their recruitment gain the following benefits:

  1. Time and cost savings
  2. Improved interview process because now the questions are behavioural not only experienced-based and technical
  3. Measures and reports candidate suitability based on job match criteria by benchmarking the position
  4. Gives additional "insight" into the candidate profile
  5. Provide a forecast of human potential
  6. Increases overall productivity
  7. Provides objectivity for internal promotions
  8. Identifies top performers

Prevue Assessment is your assurance of making the very best hiring, promotion and development decisions.


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