20 Reasons not to Hire a Candidate

By: Fernie Black 

We’ve all come across these in interviews…don’t even consider hiring someone if they:

  1. Have a negative or bad attitude
  2. Blame others for their lot in life or bad mouth former employers and coworkers
  3. Come across like a know it all but can’t back up their claims
  4. Lack enthusiasm, passion, energy – they are lack lustre
  5. Come across as if they couldn’t care less to be in the interview, seem detached and disinterested
  6. Come across as desperate, as if you are their last hope
  7. Share too much personal information, are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders
  8. Are having trouble following the conversation and questions or are clearly not listening
  9. Contradict themselves throughout and their stories are inconsistent
  10. Have a disconnect between social media presence and resume/application dates, positions etc.
  11. Are jittery, have ants in their pants
  12. Talk too much, are loud and boisterous or interrupt and are overbearing
  13. Speak in generalities not specifics – can’t provide concrete examples
  14. Sit too casually or invade personal space
  15. Don’t smile, avoid eye contact, appear unfriendly, lack a handshake (for certain positions)
  16. Are inappropriately groomed or dressed for the position especially if under dressed
  17. Don’t ask any questions or meaningful questions
  18. Present papers/portfolio in a disorganized way, shuffle through their belongings
  19. Are clearly not prepared for the interview and don’t bring requested items such as references
  20. Overstay their welcome


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