Whether you are an employer selecting the most suitable candidate, a supervisor helping your staff to understand one another, or an individual searching for that ‘right’ occupation, HR-Fusion can help. For assessments to be meaningful it is critical that the appropriate assessment be used in the right context and that it measures what it is intended to measure. Our expert assessment specialists will determine, administer and interpret the most suitable up-to-date assessments to meet your needs.

Assessments provide a cost-effective way to introduce “science” to the process of gathering information crucial to a company’s investment in human capital.  Assessment results provide an objective method of determining an individual's strengths and weaknesses for the purposes of selection, promotion, human resources planning and career development.  Information from assessments provides the foundation for decision-making, further planning and development. 

There are hundreds of assessments available - HR-Fusion specialists identify your need and source the most appropriate for you.  We believe that assessments are just one piece of a bigger picture whether it is career decision making, team building or candidate selection.  Assessment results are just the beginning – the power is the interpretation and how the information and knowledge is used within the organization and/or by the individual.   


For a listing of sample assessments please click here:  

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