Employee Surveys

Understanding your organization is a full time job in itself.

What are your current employee issues?
How can you make cost effective change and improve the work environment?

Reducing operational risk where people are concerned sometimes means leaders need to be ‘saved by constructive feedback’. Allowing employees to provide feedback through a third party confidential survey will uncover the symptoms which point to the root cause, information you need know to begin to make improvements. Successful organizations listen to what employees have to say and go about making reasonable change, based on the feedback, to improve their work environment.

Employee Surveys help:

  • Assess organizational climate and understand the real cause of issues
  • Identify appropriate treatments, anticipate potential problems and implement improvements
  • Assess teamwork or management style concerns
  • Measure the effects of organizational change
  • Open channels of communication across your organization

A company’s strategic objectives might be anything from increasing profitability to developing internal leadership. HR-Fusion can design surveys that will get answers to your questions and identify issues that need to be addressed or that can increase productivity or reduce turnover.

Whether it is an Employee Opinion Survey that is organization wide, a 360 degree survey that targets specific groups or developing key measures to add to your internal business Scorecard, HR-Fusion can help you improve your business.

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