Employment Practices

The use of effective employment practices is essential when recruiting and retaining the ‘right’ employees.  Positive employment practices will make the difference between having a healthy bottom-line and work environment, or one filled with costly problems and low morale.

Employment practices refer to all the actions or process of performing or doing something related to the work environment.  As employers you have adopted many employment practices – but are they the ‘right’ ones?

For example:

Do your managers know what they can say or do when faced with an employee challenge?
Do you provide employees with an up-to-date employee handbook?
Do you have and communicate employee policies and procedures?
Are you in compliance with the latest Employment Standards Act?
Are you using the best strategies to overcome problems?
Do your employees know where to turn when they are not sure what to do?
Do you have an orientation for your new hires?
Do employees know what to do in case of harassment?
Do you know what your managers are asking in hiring interviews?
Do you treat employees fairly and equally?
Do you reward employees according to their contributions and performance?

If you answered no to any of these questions you may not be using the most effective employment practices – in fact your employment practices could be costing you! 

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