Human Rights

Few businesses or individuals in their workforce would deliberately commit a human rights violation.  However, with the diverse global business becoming more complex, companies can easily find themselves caught off-guard in a situation that causes financial loss, legal liability and damage to their reputation.

HR-Fusion’s team of experts encourages businesses to deal proactively with human rights issues rather than respond defensively to costly complaints. Ensure your company is meeting all human rights requirements by having our team provide you with a neutral third party audit. Our team will identify potential problem areas and provide corrective recommendations such as developing policies, providing training, and/or changing a procedure.  As an employer you are obligated to conduct your business under the Human Rights Code. Know your responsibilities before they become costly problems.

If you find yourself in a complaint situation our professionals can investigate the complaint by interviewing parties and witnesses, reviewing relevant evidence, analyzing human rights issues, preparing reports including recommendations. 


Confused with the numerous provincial and federal codes and acts to follow? Call HR-Fusion to help you through the maze.

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