Prevue is a powerful assessment tool used to enhance candidate selection, coaching and succession planning and team development. The Prevue Assessment System is a highly advanced tool for assessing work-related qualities. No two people are identical - each person has a unique blend of qualities that are important to understand but difficult to immediately identify. Prevue Reports provide accurate information about people that can be used to optimize the success of your business. Virtually any human resource decision will benefit from the use of the Prevue Assessment System.

HR-Fusion employs and distributes one of the world’s leading integrated assessment tools - Prevue™ Assessment Systems. The instrument assesses a person’s abilities, interests/motivation and personality traits and produces objective and valid reports that are easy to understand. The Prevue Assessment System is particularly effective when it is used to predict job suitability through the use of Benchmarks. A Benchmark is a composite of the abilities, interests, and personality traits of successful people in a specified job.  If used in conjunction with a Benchmark, the reports compare the individual’s general abilities in terms of verbal, numerical and spatial skills to those of top job performers. The reports also provide an objective perspective of an individual's interests and motivation in terms of the candidate's preference for various types of work. Finally, and perhaps most significantly, Prevue™ Reports provide feedback on an individual's personality traits and how they compare to the preferred traits for a benchmarked position with a specific company culture and team.

Prevue™ provides you, the professional with a suite of reports to assist with your human resource decision-making. Whether the individual is a new job candidates or job incumbent the Prevue™ System will provide the information you need to make an informed decision.  There are five different reports available that can be generated dependent on usage.


  • The Selection Report  is designed to assist management with selection, hiring and promotion decisions. It produces significant information to help identify fit and provides interview questions to ask the candidate.
  • The Personal Development Report is designed to assist management in determining the particular areas of coaching and training that could improve the performance of a current employee. The report contains recommendations as to the type of coaching or training that may be appropriate. (A manager’s report and a candidate report can be produced)
  • The Succession Planning Report examines what jobs within an organization might best suit an individual. The report compares the abilities, interests and personality traits of an employee to the Benchmarks for various jobs within the employer's organization and will also rank several incumbents.
  • The Individual Report  provides a general description of the assessment results without specific reference to a candidate's scores. Individual reports are usually provided to employees as part of the coaching process to facilitate a discussion on the assessment results without reference to specific scores.
  • The Working Characteristics Report  provides information on five topics presented as business related behaviors. How does the person prefer to be paid? What priority does this person give to work? Does this person make risky decisions?  How does this person deal with change? What is this person's perception of the world?


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